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The Numeration and Notation Math Pack is intended for K to Grades 1 &  2 or Standard 1-2 ideally, but can be used for any child that needs remedial help with these topics. Total of 75 pages.

This collection provides supplementary printables that can be used for homework, morning warm-up, assessments or pop quizzes.

These worksheets carry a mixture of Rastafari, Kemetic and Adinkra themes!


Printables included cover the following topics::

.Hundreds, Tens and Ones

.Expanded Notation

.Approximation to 10 and 100

.Value and Place Value

.8 Quizzes

Numeration and Notation Math Pack Gr1-2

  • This item is the property of ILA Designs. No part of this product can be shared, edited or sold by a third party. Purchasing and downloading this pack provides one teacher or homeschooling parent with permission to use this pack for teaching.

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