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About I Love Afrika Designs

 ​ILA Designs are mainly beaded, fabr​ic and crocheted works done to dress the Afrika and Rastafari Conscious Youth, King, Queen and any others who feel the need to have a splash of colour and culture in their lives.

​​ILA Designs is a home-based operation, run by Sista Ila Addis  and each piece is created in a clean environment grounded in RasTafari Love.

ILA Designs is an "I Love Afrika" Movement because Ila is deeply inspired by Afrika the cradle of humanity and and the phenomenal empresses, queens and leaders of the Motherland and the Diaspora. 

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Fari Facts

RU crown wrap


Do you provide International delivery?


Yes! But right now we are only able to ship to the USA and the UK only. USA is the only destination for which tracking information can be accessed, using


How do I exchange or return an item?


We do not encourage exchanges simply because returned items to Ila in Trinidad often never reach Ila at all. It is lost in the system.


It is not safe, and to do special courier such as DHL and Fedex would cost Ila money to receive in Trinidad.


What is your refunds policy?


I prefer to replace items if they go missing, rather than refund. If you purchase an item and wish a refund, and it has not been mailed as yet, I will refund.

However, each case is different, so lets discuss.

Note, generally mail is slow and sometimes items are delayed or get misplaced, which leads to them arriving at a very late date. I give a time frame of 2-3 weeks, and if your item has not come, and you have tracked, it is important to talk to the local mail service.

What is my Customer Responsibility?

Customers are responsible for reading the item description and sizing provided, so as to avoid their hats or caps not fitting correctly.

Customers are responsible for providing the correct address at check out. Items are sometimes returned with "incorrect unidentified address" stamped on the envelope.


Customers are responsible for reading the shipping notification email sent out with each purchase.

Customers are responsible for keeping an eye out for their envelope, keeping in mind the estimated delivery time frame provided in the shipping notification. 

Customers  are to ensure that they look out for any attempted delivery notification that they missed the delivery of their item.

Customers must have a proper mail receptacle (mailbox etc)  for their bulky envelope to fit so it will not be sent back to Trinidad.


Once an item is mailed, ILA Designs has no control over its delivery to your door and has no special contact with the mail service either.

Bulky items can be kept at the post office for customer pick-up so please look out for your pick-up notices. 


How do I track my order?

If your item has been shipped to the USA, you can copy and paste the tracking number into the USPS website tracking search. If your item is not going to the USA, you can send me an email at and I will phone the TTPOST hotline and have it tracked by phone, as online tracking is not available. Information may not be available until 1-2 weeks have passed since shipping date. Please consider average shipping times given before panicking.


How can I contact your couriers?

You can contact the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Service at 1 868 669 5362 ext. 2 if you desire to track yourself, and give them your RI# tracking number. Otherwise the Trinidadian courier is not available for special delivery requests - you must speak to your local usps postal service directly.



What are your delivery options?


Mail is posted through the local Trinidad and Tobago Postal Service registered mail. It takes roughly 2-4 weeks for items to arrive without delay to the US and 3-5 for UK. 


ILA does not generally offer express because to send Fedex or DHL from Trinidad is so costly, that the shipping is as much as the cost of one hat. If customers desire express however, that is no problem once they cover the fees which can run $50 US and higher per hat.

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ILA Designs Authentic Rasta Hats, Loc Caps, Headwraps, Turbans and Rasta Homeschool Worksheets

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