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Consonant-Vowel-Consonant or CVC Spelling Pack teaches three letter and four letter words using colourful images, with a Rastafari theme.

Over 40 Word families such as the -un words, -ag words, -et words, -ig words and -op words, are introduced with reading, writing and spelling worksheets.

Some worksheets also combine beginning consonant sounds, such as br-, sn- and sl- with the word families, for example, slim, drop and plot.

Worksheets are completed with colouring, stamping, circling and writing skills. The repitition of words will reinforce memorization in spelling, writing and reading.

This pack reinforces knowledge of letter sounds and groups of letters working together to make a word. It's  great way to get your early reader started!

Word families are often combined with the Sight Words in early reading education.

This pack offers 104 worksheets or printables, a total of 111 pages!

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Spelling Pack PreK-K

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    ILA Designs Authentic Rasta Hats, Loc Caps, Headwraps, Turbans and Rasta Homeschool Worksheets

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