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For those with Ras/Natty/Dreadlocks/Locs or without. Our tams are all handmade to order, and are available in any size. Custom orders welcome for sizing and style. Below are some guidelines for choosing the right size for crochet tams

XSMALL for locks just starting out and very short, close to scalp, around ears.
SMALL for locks that are jaw length and shorter. For thick freeform dreads that are short, choose Medium or Large
MEDIUM for locks longer than shoulder to elbow length, halfway to elbow length..
LARGE for locks elbow to waist, or to buttocks area. Large also for halfway between shoulder and elbow for a slouchy look.
XLARGE for locks under buttocks to calf-length. Longer must be rolled into a bun at least before putting on.
Loc caps and tams fit best when very long locks are rolled into a bun for LARGE and XLARGE
Some heads are bigger than the average (24 inches  circumference) and some dreadlocks are thicker. Please use your discretion on the best fit. You can measure what you own for reference or send Ila pictures of your hair if you need help deciding.
All headwear are final sale.
A tape measure is needed for hairline circumference when choosing elastic in inches. Measure around the hairline, behind the ears.

All Prices in US Dollars


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ILA Designs Authentic Rasta Hats, Loc Caps, Headwraps, Turbans and Rasta Homeschool Worksheets

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