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The Early Comprehension Skills Pack is designed for 3-7 years on average. The age of the child is up to the discretion of the teacher, based on their skill level.

The comprehensions mostly have Rastafari themes which are designed to help teach things about Rastafari through comprehension passages or picture prompts.

The flag, the birthdays of Empress Menen and Emperor Haile Sellassie and the ethiopian coat of arms, are some themes included. There are also short passages of Tafari Makonnen's childhood. 

There are about 20 comprehensions in all.

The answers are written, stamped or coloured in. Multiple choice is included. 

Comprehension Skills included are: Main Idea, Make Predictions, Identify the True Statement (picture prompt), Read and Answer from the passage.

Two of the passages are duplicated where one is stamp or colour for younger students and the other is written responses for older.

Each comprehension has an answer sheet.

You can also read the passages and dictate question and answer to improve memory skills.

Rastafari Readers Early Comprehension Skills

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