A satin lined, reversible Afroprinnt bonnet with ties. Can be worn in place of a headwrap to achieve full covering, Can be sleepwear as well. With the reversible style and ties, you can achieve a number of looks!

Orange, blue, yellow, white,black.


Please select the listing in inches that matches your head circumference.


Size Small is ideal for those with shoulder length or shorter hair. Opening space is 14 inches across for the 22 head circumference and the length is 15 inches.


Size Medium is ideal for a ras/dreadlocks/hair  that is elbow length to lower back. Opening space is 14 inches across for the 22 head circumference and the length is 17 inches.


 Ila wears a Medium, with dreadlocks buttocks length but not thick or numerous - Medium can fit long buttocks length locks that are few in number or thin, making a medium sized bun.


Size Large is ideal for a ras/dreadlocks/hair that is just past buttocks. Opening space is 14 inches across for the 22 head circumference and the length is 18 inches.


Size XLarge is ideal for locks length that is past the buttocks and longer, ideal to have the locks rolled first in some manner. Opening space is 14 inches across for the 22 head circumference . The length is 19.5 inches. Width across middle when laid flat is 12 inches.


If you have knee to floor length hair, please choose XL but make a note of it in your purchase so that I will know to adjust the width of the XL to be more than 12 inches.


The back or depth of the bonnet acts like a pocket. 

Put your hair up in a bun or loose  roll  or just stuff it in. Tie the straps at the nape of your neck and then wrap them around the hairline as desired.


Handwash separately,  cold water.

Orange Blossom Bonnet

$30.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
Head Circumference
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  • The bonnets, like all headwear from ILA Designs, are final sale.

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Please read all sizing information for Loc Caps and Tams before purchase.

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