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Ninety-four worksheets for preschoolers and early kindergartners, ideally age 4-5. Number identification, addition and subtraction, more and less than, shapes, sets and counting are the main topics.

Students will colour, paste, match and write their answers.

Focuses on numbers 0-20 in number identification and counting.

Addition and subtraction stay within 10. 

Shapes identification, tracing, name identification and number of sides.

Cut and paste and colouring activities.

Worksheets carry a Rastafari theme!


Mathematics Pre-K-K Pack

  • This item is the property of ILA Designs. No part of this product can be shared, edited or sold by a third party. Purchasing and downloading this pack provides one teacher or homeschooling parent with permission to use this pack for teaching.

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ILA Designs Authentic Rasta Hats, Loc Caps, Headwraps, Turbans and Rasta Homeschool Worksheets

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