A KHAKI-BEIGE  dreadlock stocking cap made from stretchy cotton lycra fabric instead of spandex or nylon stocking fabric - won't run or tear!  Elastic at opening. Ideal for dreadlocks or natural hair. Perfect for covering the head when making quick outings, perfect for sleeping, helmet or cold protection.


These tams are great for wearing under wraps that do not cover all of your hair and they pair great with my Loc Wrap.


Ideal for the children  as well! Choose small. But depends on length of hair. if you are buying for a child please let me know for elastic sizing which will be smaller. 


All hair types. Machine washable or hand wash, but line dry only for best results.


three dots in red yellow green at the top.


Made to order.


Sizing for Loc Caps ( also see second picture!):


The circumference of every cap  is 20 inches. 10 inches wide


Elastic band is on average 21 inches wide ideal for a head that is 22 inches in circumference. Please choose your elastic option. The elastic options are widths of roughly 21, 22, 23 and 24 inches. Note that you need to order the elastic size 1 inch SMALLER than your head circumference. If you need a wider or smaller elastic size, after measuring your head, please send a note in your order.

Small size for SHORTER  than shoulder length. It is 8.5 inches long.


Medium for  shoulder length to midway between shoulder and elbow. It is 10.5 inches long.

Large for locks that are halfway between shoulder and elbow to waist length and just on the buttocks. It is 12 inches long.


XLarge for dreadlocks below buttocks to floor length or longer  as in cover photo. It is 13 inches long.

For L and XL wrap your hair in a bun or beehive first and then slide cap over.

Please be sure to send me a message if you are unsure of your size.

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Khaki-Beige Unisex Loc Cap

light khaki loc cap size
Light Khaki Loc Cap
Elastic Size
  • All loc caps are made to order, please be sure of your hair length and head circumference before you order so that it will fit. Loc caps are made to fit snug so it is important that you are sure about the size.

    For hygienic and reasons, headwear is nonrefundable and cannot be returned.

    All loc caps are machine or hand washable. Line dry only. 

  • Order ships within 3-7 days of purchase. Generally takes 2-3 weeks to arrive to the USA and the UK, for other countries it may take longer.

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Shipping takes 3-4 weeks (depending on location) from Trinidad. I cannot guarantee how long your item will take.

Please read all sizing information for Loc Caps and Tams before purchase.

Any problems or queries you have please contact me at everything.ila@gmail.com to discuss!