Part of the Queen Majesty Collection!


Handdyed red yellow and green cotton voile scarf, 2 yards length and 20 inches wide.


For body or head wrapping, very versatile!


wash in very cold water, no soaking, hand to dry in wind or lay completely flat with no overlapping of colours.


Ityopia Tie Dye Cotton Scarf

$40.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Item is nonrefundable.

  • Item ships within 3-7 days of order. Takes 2-3 weeks to arrive in the USA or UK and for other countries further out it will take longer.

rasta hats, ila designs, locs, tams, rastafari

Authentic Handmade RasTafari Culture Wear: 

Rasta Bags, Rasta Tams, Africanprint Headwraps, Handbags, Loc Caps and beaded jewelry

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Shipping takes 3-4 weeks (depending on location) from Trinidad. I cannot guarantee how long your item will take.

Please read all sizing information for Loc Caps and Tams before purchase.

Any problems or queries you have please contact me at to discuss!