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The Natty Nett is a narrow crochet net-like tam or beanie for dreadlocks with a drawstring closure to tie at nape of neck. Made in one solid colour.

Measures 13 inches long top to bottom, 12 inches wide across the middle and 11 inches at opening (22" circumference - can be customed).

This is  narrow slouchy fit, ideal for those who wear L or XL size, elbow length and longer.


Pictured here in mushroom, heather grey, navy, black, brown and berry

Machine wash cold and dryer safe.
Made to Order.


 To be worn high up on the head or low in the neck, can be a slouchy fit or tall as pictured. 
For the tall look dreadlocks must be rolled into a bun and secured on the head (preferably with a Loc cap as shown in the pictures with navy and black natty netts) and then the tam fitted over the bun. To gain the tall look dreadlocks should be lower back - buttocks length and longer.


If you can neatly roll your floor length locks into a beehive/bun this tam will fit as shown in photos.


ILA Natty Nett Crochet Tam L/XL

  • All tams are made to order, please be sure of your hair length and head circumference before you order. For hygienic and reasons, headwear is nonrefundable and cannot be returned.

    All tams are machine or hand washable. Line dry only. 

  • Shipped within 3-7 days of purchase. Takes roughly 2-3 weeks to arrive in the US and United Kingdom, can take longer for countries further away.

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