Head ties, headwraps and scarves are a must for every RasTafari Queen and King. But you don't need a Ras/Natty/Locks to wear them!
The Loc Wraps are made two meters long and 11 inches wide, They are "half wraps" in width.  
The Africanprint wax headwraps are 22 inches wide and two metres long.
The Afroprint Head Ties are 38 inches long and 5 1/4 inches wide.

All Prices in US Dollars


rasta hats, ila designs, locs, tams, rastafari

ila "I Love Afrika" designs provides Authentic RasTafari Creations

Rasta hats, dreadlock caps, Headwraps, turbans and rasta homeschool worksheets

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