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ILA crown WRAPs

The ILA Crown Wrap is a ready-to-wear head covering that is a cross between a loc cap, turban and a headwrap! What' else is so special about it? The Crown Wrap is made of one-way Stretch Afroprint fabric and features a swirl at the top of the cap, giving you a neat and polished, royal appearance. Note that to choose the size, you must follow the sizing guide which is included in the listing of each set. 

The ILA Crown Wrap is a double-sided fabric cap with an attached tie that measures roughly 37 inches per side. The ties stretch to provide a snug fit and the cap also has stretch in one direction, horizontally, which aids in sliding it on over your secure bun of hair or ras/dreadlocks. The width of the cap matches the circumference of your hairline or bun, and therefore fits snug, holding your crown firmly in place.


The Crown Wrap is therefore Ideal for dreadlocks that are shoulder length or just past shoulders, and longer. Must be able to form a top knot or bun high on the head for the best fit. Very long hair should be secured as neatly and small as possible for the best fit.

headwrap dreadlocks
dreadlocks turban hat
dread locks

All Prices in US Dollars


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ILA Designs Authentic Rasta Hats, Loc Caps, Headwraps, Turbans and Rasta Homeschool Worksheets

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