1. Shipping is only to the USA, Jamaica or Barbados. Please do not place an order unless you have an address in one of these areas.
2. Please ensure that you have the
full and correct address with your order.
3. Please ensure you have selected the
right sizes for your headwear. Headwear is final sale. Also, returns between Trinidad and other countries is expensive for you the buyer and cannot be completed in a short time period.
4. Mail is very slow right now, so please do have some patience.
Thank you for your understanding as we try to avoid any issues with your order.

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rasta hats, ila designs, locs, tams, rastafari

ila "I Love Afrika" designs provides Authentic RasTafari Creations

Rasta hats, dreadlock caps, Headwraps, turbans and rasta homeschool worksheets

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